Q: Do you help with medical expenses?

No, AIH provides assistance with non-medical costs such as: mortgage/rent, utilities, groceries, childcare, gas/car payments, school supplies and other living expenses.

Q: How often can I receive assistance?

Patients in active treatment may apply once a month. Because of the high volume of requests, grants are awarded on number of patients who apply and available funds. Submitting an application does not guarantee receiving a grant.  

Q: What if I am in remission?

We are only able to provide assistance to those currently undergoing active cancer treatment.

Q: Do I have to live in a specific area?

We provide assistance to cancer patientscurrently being treated in Zion, Il., but may live anywhere in the country. 

Q: Do you have income eligibility requirements?

Applicants must show financial need. We understand that circumstances vary significantly between patients. Therefore, we look at each case individually.

Q: How much financial assistance can I receive?

Each grant differs based on each patient’s situation and need level. The amount distributed fluctuates based on the number and needs of applicants each month.